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Optimizing Google Search (SEO) and how it works

Optimizing Google Search (SEO) and how it works

It may seem mysterious to many of you, but it\’s far from mysterious or complicated

Only simple, clear steps can be taken

But let me first give you a simple definition of what it means

So how am I going to give you a central service like search engine optimization, if I\’m not the best SEO in Egypt?

Introduction to configuring sites for search engines

The search engine is more valuable than any other marketing tool in increasing the audience that will read your site\’s content, so for the page content to work, it\’s important to learn how to configure the content for search engines. The way you type your page directly affects the order and evaluation of your page in search engines, so you have to write in a way that search engines understand and relate to what the browser needs.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, which means the configuration for search engines, and it describes a series of techniques that are applied to improve the appearance of site pages in search engines, The goal is for these pages to appear in advanced boxes (called rank) when searching for a specific word. That is, your location and brand appear on the pages of Google\’s initial search results.

What are SEO technologies?

These techniques can be divided into two main groups:

white-hat SEO:

The techniques recommended by search engines improve the visibility of the site in the results and improve the overall design, presentation, and content of the site are considered safe and yield long-term results.

black-hat SEO:

Untouchable techniques can be applied with devastating and counterproductive results on the site, and at worst the site may be completely removed from the search engine. So when we talk about SEO, we\’re essentially targeting Google, because they have a 91% market share, which makes them the number one search engine in importance, but most of the technologies that are being discussed apply to both Bing and Yahoo.

How do search engines work?

According to the World Wide Web Size, the frequency with which new Web sites appear each moment is increasing. There are currently 50 billion indexed web pages. Without search engines it will be impossible to find useful information in this Maze, looking for information or a page is like looking for a needle in a haystack! So the best start for improving your site\’s visibility on the search result pages is to understand how the search engine thinks


It\’s the optimization of search engines that creates this chaos of pages They are the ones that are trying to evolve from algorithms to show you which web pages are most appropriate for you and the word you\’re looking for,

where you set some criteria for evaluating pages

It\’s the order in which your position appears on the search results page. Because millions of sites are added every day, it is only natural that your rating index changes more or less, which is not the only change that affects the order in which your site appears on the search results page, but also that the search engines themselves change and evolve from the evaluation algorithms and criteria each year to redact the search results from useless and damaging web pages.

Consequences :

Here comes the Crawlers / Spiders or Robotic Reptiles, these robots scan the pages of your site for information. They archive the contents of the site from links to Links, images, videos, and other files.

The following scenario illustrates how Crawlers interact with your site:


A search engine robot detects your location, either by linking to a link from another previously archived site or by adding a hand-to-hand link to your site via the search engine. (Google, Yahoo, and Bing support manual web page addition)

Archiving Indexing:

The page content is checked, processed, and indexed in search engine databases, but note that not all content types archived such as video and dynamic pages are not archived.


When you enter a query (a search word), the search engine analyzes it and then shows you the web pages most appropriate for your query. Now that we\’ve learned together about the scenario in which your website is checked for the quality of your search engines, You need to know the details that, if you add them up, go to the best performance in optimizing your search engines and show up on the front pages of Google.

Ranking System Criteria

We will discuss the most important factors to ensure that search engines improve and produce the most relevant results There are over 200 factors that affect the evaluation criteria of any site, it\’s hard to discuss them all,

1- Links

The PageRank standard is the link-analysis algorithm developed for each web page on the Internet by Google\’s founding partner Larry Page. This algorithm considers the number of external “links” that point to each page on your site—each external link (to another site) that refers to your site is taken as a vote for your site, the more votes you have, the higher your rank is to Pagerank.

There\’s a note that has to be taken into account in this standard

Links from more reliable websites have a greater impact than links from less popular sites.

2- KeyWords

What is the frequency of the semantic words (the keyword on the page) on the page? The search engine, checks for how often the word is repeated on the page. If the fact is already talking about the subject, is the semantic word in the URL, the domain, or the page title, subheadings, content, etc? At that point, it will be considered more relevant and relevant (the semantic word). For example, the semantic word on the subject is “Improve search engines.”

3- Age of the site

Old as gold. Google considers old sites more reliable than new ones, so the age of the domain is one of Google\’s evaluation criteria.

4- Modernity Freshness

Often the more frequently the site\’s content is constantly updated and at a steady pace is good for Google, whether that update is adding a new page or updating the site\’s pages is a sign that the site isn\’t dead.

5- Other criteria

It is impossible to discuss all the factors that influence the evaluation criteria. Other criteria, such as speed of location, site structure, etc., have a fair share of the impact on the evaluation criteria.

6- Update search algorithms

Over the years, there have been some updates to the algorithms that govern web page ratings. These updates increase the quality of search results. They improve site content ratings. That means you must keep track of updates to algorithms to be aware of new rating criteria so that your site doesn\’t get out of the game. For example, an update to Google\’s basic algorithm (by the way, Panda) in 2011 had 12% of search results. This means that the sudden decrease in visits to your site may be due to the change in Google SEOMoz\’s Panda configuration algorithm that shows Google updates in a permanent link that happens every year.

Now, are you ready to take these steps to be among the best companies to improve search engines?

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