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How to create a free eStore?

How to create a free eStore?

“One of the most hotly debated questions in search engines today of late.

E-commerce has evolved remarkably and amazingly, attracting the attention of all those working in the commercial and sales sector and starting to look and wonder how websites work and take advantage of their many advantages.

The popular statistics website Statistic has shown some figures proving this:

  • Sales of electronic commerce in the Middle East and North Africa reached $43 billion this year.
  • Worldwide, sales amounted to $4.13 trillion, and that figure continues to rise to this point.
  • The astonishing development of e-commerce and online sales has contributed to many factors, ranging from the evolution of online shopping behavior of the public to the ease with which websites can now be created, to the availability of many technologies and tools for online work, which has made the creation of private websites easy to start and operate for traders, trademarks and electronic enterprises.

Why is the future moving towards the importance of website creation?

The importance of Web sites lies in keeping pace with technological breakthroughs and creating new opportunities for your business to improve and show it to your customers better, resulting in a higher return on your investment by choosing the best site to build your Web site.

Features of website creation:

1- Open new markets for your products, whether local or global

Let\’s ask

If the latest Apple phone pops up right now and you want to buy it, and you ask for Apple\’s power in your country, but that phone\’s going to arrive in a month, what is the solution?
In fact, you\’re looking at two solutions that don\’t have a third one, either you\’re waiting for this period or you\’re buying it online through Amazon or Marketplace, and the second one is closest to you!
Creating a website that allows you to showcase your products in new markets whether it\’s local or global, not restricted by a certain age group, or limited by your presence in a certain place, you can pump your products all over the world at any time!

2- Ease of search, display, and access

Websites allow users easy access to your services and products and make it easier for you to view your products better and more attractive to every corner, making it easier for you to sell more easily.

3- Save time and effort

Creating websites saves time and effort for users. Users can purchase any product or service at any time without looking at business schedules. Unlike traditional stores, it is limited by specific business schedules to which they are committed.

4- More comfortable and secure means of payment

The website makes it easier to pay in more than one way (credit cards, various bank accounts), making it easier for your customers to sell better!

5- Buying anywhere around the world

 One of the advantages of a website is that it allows the user to buy or sell from any area in the world, which makes it a very small room-like spot, but requires the site to have connectivity to the country where the user is, and their are some stores that allow the customer to book a product or a commodity, in addition to notifying the users of any product available so they can buy it.

6- Easy access to your business

Multiple e-shopping malls have delivered advanced tools and algorithms that can easily and quickly reach users through personalized advertising of goods at the same time that the customer needs them. This helps increase demand for those goods and makes the site more profitable.

7- Knowledge of the views of consumers in what they present

Part of the properties of the sites is to show what\’s called a \”user or visitor assessment\”, through which the customer assesses the product they purchased on the site, as well as the level of service provided by site managers, which effectively influences the visitor\’s shopping process at the store because you\’re tracking feedback by constantly evolving to please a lot of

Customers –

What your brand does in the short and long term.

8- Anticipate your business needs

With the customer\’s purchase history on the Web site and based on the latest technology behind the AI system, the store can offer proposals for certain types of goods that are accepted and purchased by the customer on a continuous basis.
All of these reasons and more help you make the right decision to own your own website, view all of your services, and easily access your customers without restrictions.
And since website design has become a core thing that you have to do, no matter what your work is, that\’s exactly what we do.
With 2BCart, you\’ll be able to build your website in record time. We specialize in designing all kinds of websites, whether corporate websites or people\’s websites.

And of course, we haven\’t lost sight of e-shops, which have become one of the most important forms of commerce in the world, and your website will help you get to as many customers as you care about your business easier and much faster.

ways to create a website:

Just connect with 2BCart as we\’re designing and creating a website that\’s less expensive in Egypt and more convenient for everyone.

Just all you have to do is start the steps to build your site through us and it\’ll be ready in a few minutes

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